a state of menswear

a state of menswear


The world of menswear is a very different on compared to the world of womenswear. As a smaller community, people tend to be more inclusive to its diverse cast of members. People love to bond over their common interest opposed to feeling as if they were talking to a rival.

Me, being someone who is very much into menswear, I love to give credit where credit is due. There is certain people in this field who’s work I truly admire. In this blog post I want to show you three US based people who constantly keep inspiring me and give me new ideas.


Starting off his career as an alterations tailor, Patrick Henry aka Rich Fresh has now become the personal tailor of your favorite celebrity and athlete.

Creating colorful and truly unique pieces, Fresh’s striped pants are some of his most distinct work.

instagram: @richfresh_



Westley Dimagiba, or by some known as Three Piece Papi, is not just a close friend but also one of the guys that are behind menswear site and now also label “Articles of Style”. Wes never fails to amaze me with his suit separate combos and his truly effortless cool.

instagram: @threepiecepapi



I first stumbled upon Kevin’s account about a year ago. As I was going through a transition in my wardrobe to a more minimal style, Mr. Iman was one of the first people I found.

By now, me and Kevin have regular conversations about menswear and what new pieces we love, even though he is situated in Utah.

As someone who has very similar taste in the kind of clothes we like, I always love to have an exchange with Kevin.

instagram: @kvn_imn


I am very happy to call all three of these guys my friends. Every single one of them inspires me on a daily basis and pushes me to try new things and learn more about the field I am in. I highly recommend each and everyone of you to take a look at their work and maybe even get inspired yourself.

(All photo credit goes to the respective person depicted in the picture.)