opinion: a quick word on sponsored content

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Influencer marketing and public relation efforts are a big part of many companies’ marketing strategies. As somebody who has worked on both sides of the equation – being part of a business that utilized influencers and bloggers to gain exposure and being someone that was paid to advertise a product – I think it is a topic that needs to be addressed. Continue reading “opinion: a quick word on sponsored content”

changing my style: remaining and retiring

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Rethinking your style can be scary. It is a huge commitment – financial, as well as time-wise. But once you start feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, in the way you wear your clothes, there is no way around it. Continue reading “changing my style: remaining and retiring”

inspiration: fashion

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I started talking about my change of style and new love for Scandinavian inspired menswear in a post last week. Obviously this change of heart did not come out of the blue and without any inspiration. Continue reading “inspiration: fashion”

changing my style: a start


Classic menswear was my first love. When I first got into style and fashion that was the first thing I felt drawn towards. After all, what is a man without a well fitting suit, right? Continue reading “changing my style: a start”